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I am looking for pictures of:

+ Capitol Citizen. It's a long shot, since I didn't wear it very long. 6.5 inch heels are a PAIN. (Black dress and blue accessories, with a blue wig. Worn Saturday)
+ Wild West Poison Ivy (Corset, bustle skirt, Ivy bloomers, bright green tights. Worn for Gotham shoot ONLY). My buddy was Harley with a red shirt, black underbust vest, black pants, and her blonde hair, if that helps distinguish which Ivy.
+ Young Macintosh from Brave, asked often if William Wallace. Worn Friday afternoon.
+ Fry and Leela from Futurama. Worn Thursday night with my Fry and parts of Friday night with my Loki.
+ Genderswap Fry and Leela from the Neutopia episode. Worn as part of Mega Futurama group on Saturday night in the Marriott Atrium. Fry occasionally confused for Caucasian Amy Wong, but... I'm a ginger.
+ Movie Loki (suit/scarf/cane. Our scarf was fangirled COPIOUSLY) with comic book Black Widow. Worn Friday night, and Loki is male. My boyfriend looks a fair bit like Tom Hiddleston, if that helps.
+ Hank Venture, Dean Venture, and Triana Orpheus, all genderswap. Worn for VB panel on Sunday afternoon and boy!Triana worn for part of Venture Party. We were with Brick Frog.
+ Molotov Cocktease in SPHINX gear. Worn for Venture Party. I was referred to a few times as Smallotov.
+ Gary and Mary from The Muppets. Worn Saturday afternoon and Sunday at Yule Ball

Please PM me if you have pictures of any of these.

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