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need advice

I have this friend though I love her dearly shes starting to upset me , I do gothic Lolita been doing it for a year now she said she hated Lolita but now I've expanded to sweet Lolita and asking Lolita's who have been doing it for years shes suddenly into it and an expert on it she put down the girls who have been doing Lolita for years saying they know less then she dose and that we are getting ripped off if we pay more then 100 for a Lolita dress. I buy bodyline and about to buy a JSK.

She also criticizes me for spending money on decent cosplays and goes on how cheapest can be the best she also suddenly wants to cosplay all the characters I am about to do but she try to talk me out of doing them first she also blasts me if I try to do a character she likes saying Ill ruin the fandom for her but its ok for her to do the characters I like

Not sure what I should do
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