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Tales of 2013

I didn't find a thread for this, though I could've sworn I posted one... lol
Calling all Tales of Fans! Gotta cosplay from any of the Tales games!? It's time to stand forth and be recognized. This year at Sakuracon I am hosting THREE shoots. One on each day.
Friday evening at 7pm on the 2nd Floor International Meeting Place. (General anyone can show)
Saturday evening Time/Place TBA (Mainly alternate costume, but all characters welcome.)
Sunday morning about 10am 4th floor Grand Stairwell (Anyone can show.)

While I had initial plans for my cosplays, I got rather fed up with the wigs on the two I was going to do. Instead, in honor of a couple of my friends coming all the way to Seattle for me, I am pushing a cosplay to have it done BY Sakuracon. I will be cosplaying as Schwann Oltorain from Tales of Vesperia. I will be joined by a Yuri Lowell (both normal outfit and True Knight. She's making both) and a Yeager.

To anyone interested in a bit of a project, I am looking for three people to join us! I need my Tweedles and my lieutenant. So if anyone is willing to tag along with me through Sakuracon in armor, give me a shout out. We will have wanted notices and we will be playing a bit of a game with Yuri. Gimme a shout out either through here, or in my inbox.

And if needed, I will be bringing Zelos again, though I am reworking his outfit.
No costumes planned at this moment due to current physical status. Maybe come March, I'll start planning again.
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