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Tales of 2013

I didn't find a thread for this, though I could've sworn I posted one... lol
Calling all Tales of Fans! Gotta cosplay from any of the Tales games!? It's time to stand forth and be recognized. This year at Sakuracon I am hosting THREE shoots. One on each day.
Friday evening at 7pm on the 2nd Floor International Meeting Place. (General anyone can show)
Saturday evening Time/Place TBA (Mainly alternate costume, but all characters welcome.)
Sunday morning about 10am 4th floor Grand Stairwell (Anyone can show.)

While I had initial plans for my cosplays, I got rather fed up with the wigs on the two I was going to do. Instead, in honor of a couple of my friends coming all the way to Seattle for me, I am pushing a cosplay to have it done BY Sakuracon. I will be cosplaying as Schwann Oltorain from Tales of Vesperia. I will be joined by a Yuri Lowell (both normal outfit and True Knight. She's making both) and a Yeager.

To anyone interested in a bit of a project, I am looking for three people to join us! I need my Tweedles and my lieutenant. So if anyone is willing to tag along with me through Sakuracon in armor, give me a shout out. We will have wanted notices and we will be playing a bit of a game with Yuri. Gimme a shout out either through here, or in my inbox.

And if needed, I will be bringing Zelos again, though I am reworking his outfit.
Youmacon 2013 (if I make it)
Marian Fustel (Tales of Destiny)

Aseliacon 2014
Marian Fustel
Alvin (Tales of Xillia)
Marta Lualdi (Tales of Symphonia)
Chester Barklight (Tales of Phantasia)
Spada (Tales of Innocence)

Sakuracon 2014
Marian Fustel
Mary (Ib)
Estelle (Tales of Vesperia)
Chester Barklight
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