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Tron legacy sora costume suggesions?

Okay this is my first time starting a thread, so here it goes.

I'm making my first full costume. I've made quite a few keyblades which i have on deviantart(star seeker, hidden dragon, sleeping lion, hero's crest, oathkeeper, bond of flame, way to dawn). I want to make the tron legacy costume for sora. I already started making the helmet from wood because i fail at making models from anything else. The armor will also be made from wood, and maybe eventually use it as a mold for plastic or something lighter.

I'm going to need a clear sheet for the faceshield on the helmet. I was thinking of abs or petg. Anyone have experience with them? How thick is sturdy enough? I have a heat gun to somewhat form it.

Next is the clothing. The pants seem to float as if magnetized by the belt. I was thinking of using spray starch or some other fabric stiffener to make them bulge out, and then use cleverly hidden snap buttons to attach them to whatever i wear underneath. Any suggestions?

El tape/panel/wire will be used for the lighting. I figure i'll need around 10 or 12 battery packs for all of it. One for the helmet, each glove, each shoe, identity disc, each shoulder armor, each pant leg, giant x on the front, and belts. I have a way to hide them if i can get them to work. Any help in this area regarding creating custom designs with the tape, or smaller, cheaper inverters would be awesome.

I'd say this project should be done within a year at least if it runs smoothly. After all the helmet is almost done and its only been a week. Thanks to anyone who responds!
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