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Originally Posted by Rinoa07 View Post
I was severely ticked off about line management this year. Severely. There is no way, any con, at this point in time, should be juvenile enough to think that pre-reg and walk-ups should even be put in any sort of line together. I waited an hour and a half to get my little wrist-band. Yes, it's a newer con, but there are enough conventions out there, at this point, off of which to base an organsation model, especially for something so crucial as badge pick up.
Yeah, I decided to wait until Sunday and just left Saturday alone. I'm pissed because I paid for 2 days, but I will get over it. I'm just surprised that they would dare slap Stan Lee on the convention and not have the line process set up. Lol. They'd better get it under control, especially with the name attached. I'm going to be shocked if they do not split the line up tomorrow. They better think about maybe having a day 0 like AX to get badges and go from their.
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