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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
I honestly doubt it was aimed for Orbis of Nextbox. I bet it was something on current-gen hardware that Nintendo swooped in and saved. I'm betting its not a ground-up revamp. Hasn't been enough time for that.

Especially when we have things like Ground Zeroes coming for 360 and PS3.
Just like with WatchDogs, there's no way Ground Zeroes is going to be on 360 or PS3. That game will get delayed into fall 2013, and then again if Durango isn't ready. The only way there's a snowball's chance of it being on current gen consoles is if Konami is okay in pulling a Twilight Princess with it.

I think Bayo 2 would have gotten pushed. It sounds like Sega is simply sitting on everything that isn't a sure fire hit and getting everything that's at least a million seller out this year so they can bolster their books for the fiscal year. However, doing that severly hurts your relationships with your developers, especially when you refuse to publish games that are already complete in the states (I'm looking at you anarchy reigns). Platinum probably couldn't wait to be out from under Sega.

In other news, it just came to light that the single player campaign for Rayman Legends is 90% Murfy and that only a few challenge levels are actually played as Rayman. So I'm not interested in that game anymore.
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~

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