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Definitely possible. Some cameras are more weatherproof than others. I got a couple of Optech Rainsleeves for mine, and some plastic bags to go over my flashes.

I went out in the evening a few weeks ago to do a promo photoshoot for the Halloween show for my wife's dance company. As soon as we had taken a couple of test shots, it started to rain. We shot anyway for about ten minutes in the light rain, then packed it up and moved to a covered location.

We weren't planning on the rain, and I didn't have all my gear covered like I should, and one of my flash radio receivers seems to have lost some functionality.

I'm hoping to do some more rain photoshoots in the future, with my gear better protected next time.

Anyway, here are a couple of my favorites from the results:

Halloween 2012 Moxie_20120819_1904.jpg by nathancarter, on Flickr

Halloween 2012 Moxie_20120819_1909.jpg by nathancarter, on Flickr
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