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Originally Posted by Mesoian View Post
Just like with WatchDogs, there's no way Ground Zeroes is going to be on 360 or PS3. That game will get delayed into fall 2013, and then again if Durango isn't ready. The only way there's a snowball's chance of it being on current gen consoles is if Konami is okay in pulling a Twilight Princess with it.
To be honest, since the FOX engine is designed for taking PC in-mind as well, It wouldn't surprise me if there was an Orbis version in the cards.

Orbis and Durango still haven't even been finalized, so we're talking more than a year away. Given that Kojima is working on GZ, and MGS5, I wouldn't be surprised if GZ was current-gen with an upgraded version next-gen systems, and then MGS5 is next-gen only.

Something else that's telling, no mention of GZ for wiiu, which would be a no-brainer considering the dev hardware has been at konami for quite a while.
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