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I don't see a thread for Yulecon, so here's one!

For those that don't know, Yulecon is a quite small Christmas themed anime/gaming convention held in Fort Worth, Texas first held in 2008.

Yulecon is a pretty awesome con, yet it's pretty small~ last year was my first, and it's pretty cool~ :3 but sadly this year's Yulecon is delayed till November 2013..(as heard from James, the founder of Yulecon, back at AnimeFest.) I also asked him when the site will be back up, he said around a few weeks to a month and a half, and it's already considered a month since there's no 31st in September(duh xD), we might get an update about Yulecon soon.

EDIT 1: Also, if you think about it, Yulecon is often held the first weekend before Thanksgiving. And in 2013, Thanksgiving is on November 28, minus a few days, and the weekend is November 22-24. So it's possible Yulecon will return next year on November 22-24, 2013(This is just a guess, it isn't official.)

If my statements become wrong, I'm sorry. I'm just guessing. xD

EDIT 2: For those that don't know, in the website Texas Metroplex Cosplay Coalition, there are somewhat backup plans since this year's Yulecon is cancelled. Here is the link: TMCC about Yulecon~
I don't know much about it but it should have more info soon.

EDIT 3: I should have looked at the website a few days ago since October 1st, the Yulecon website has updated with more information regarding for this year and next year. So what James at A-Fest told me was true, Yulecon will be back in 2013. Oh well.. :/

Anyone else a fan of Yulecon, have past Yulecon stories, plan to go next year, etc.? :3
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