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So first order of business!! Cosplay Chess is still officially going to be on Friday but there is a slight change. Where we are normally located, outside in the patio underneath the valet, is no longer this year's location. This year Cosplay Chess is being moved into MAIN EVENTS and will be located in doors in the Main Events hall. Which means there will be tons of space, seating, better sound, music, and much, much, more to bring to the table! (Or should I say board?) It will also be later in the day allowing for more people to show up and add some leniency for those who will end up participating and have to arrive on time!

Originally Posted by lexy-chan View Post
Will ACP links work for the application? I'm super backlogged on coscom and really don't want to spend hours resizing photos. :/
Otherwise, down! Third time's the charm (year) XD
Definitely. that is totally fine~

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Hey do we have to be /wearing/ our costume in the picture?
Also, we're gonna be in bathing suits. Is that okay...?
Not necessarily but it helps to know that you have it in your possession and own it currently. As for being bathing suits, it all depends on what you're actually cosplaying. So send in your application and just make note that you wanted to know if it was okay or not and we'll let you know once we see what it is.

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I haven't gotten an email reply back for a few weeks now. Does that mean they have not accepted my registration?
No this does not mean that you are not accepted. It means nothing really. The deadline for applications is a set point in which we then review all applications and make our decisions. There is no first come first serve policy, no confirm and reject method. All applications are accepted, and once the deadline passes, we choose the 32 pieces.
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