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Originally Posted by tarinalove View Post
So, I'm not even sure this is a historical piece (could be a fantasy piece since I can't remember when jackets came to be)

But, I'm going to cosplay Gretel next year, and want to get started Now.

Here's an image.
(it's large, hence the link)

The original story, as we all know, was about them as children, now they're adults who want witches. Easy enough to understand.

For the Jacket:
I was thinking of using a (fake) suede, and lining it with some fleece (if I can find something awesome like those fleecey sheep fur looking blankets and get it to take dye, then I'll get that!).

Anyway, how would I go to constructing this? Any particular patterns I should look for?
Any links you can give me?? :3 That'd be wonderful!

I don't see the problem. Fake suede would be the way to go. You can probably find a pattern through Simplicity or one of the other mainstream pattern houses. There is a fake fur like what they are wearing. I know I have some in my sewing room. Be carefull, though, fake fur can be expensive and really warm. Bothe the suede and fur I've found at Joann's fabric.
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