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@ MDA: I think five to ten costumes a year is crazy, but I can't imagine doing 20+!! It's amazing that you have already done seventeen so far this year. Transporting cosplays has always been an issue for me too. I usually try to pack as many as I can in one tub, but it doesn't always work that way. I am sure you will figure it out though! And I agree! Even fixing up finished cosplays still counts as work. Your skit looked like it was a lot of fun!!

@ Tifaia: HIIIIIIIIIIIII~~!! I am glad to hear Rose is almost done!! I am so excited for this!! I would imagine that wig would be the biggest issue with that cosplay! It's like Jessie from Pokemon. It's like they don't want cosplayers to attempt these characters! :P I am sure you will get it though. ^ ^

@ Liliana: I am sorry to hear your health isn't doing so well. I really hope that you are able to recover very soon.

@ Benihime: Ha ha, I hear you on never knowing which FF character or version to choose. I think the black one would be really cool though!!

As for keeping up with FinalEva and I, that would be awesome if you want to! I think the more we have involved in it, the more motivation we have going around. I think it's a good idea to use your FB page to monitor your progress as well. You and I have a similar goal in mind it sounds like. I would love to lose around 20, but really, I just want to feel healthier even if the number doesn't change much.

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