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Utau Hoshina Cosplay Construction help!!

Okay... so here's the deal. i live in an area where it's HARD to find many things i'd need for this cosplay SO i was hoping i could get some advice on putting together an Utau Hoshina cosplay for youmacon 2012. i WOULD order it online (which i'll probably end up doing) but i would really like to try making the costume first. i just want her general cosplay (the black dress with the gray. not Lunatic Charm or anything like that..) any and all help in the construction will be very much appreciated!!! =)

(also i'm SO sorry if this is the wrong area to post this!!!)

here's a link to some pics of her:

EDIT!!! i... kinda F*&#ed the dress up intensely and i don't really have the time or resources to fix it SO i think i'm just gonna be Medusa again.. =(
feel free to comment on this though asking others for help or advice!

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