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Originally Posted by Lucida View Post
Although I already have a room, but Yaoi cake sounds good to me Is it homemade or are you getting it from a professional bakery where they have butter cream icing?
I'm getting it professionally done. 8D I was gonna have the borders done in multicolored roses and then have the center have a random page from a yaoi doujin. (unless you have any suggestions otherwise? I haven't decided completely yet. XD)

and the insides of course will be rainbow. XDD

Originally Posted by BetrThanSeguchi View Post
If your tentative falls through let me know. I'm an elder (in my twenties). No drama. And... I <3 yaoi cake.

Also, even if not I have a raver question based on your picture. I thought about doing that sometime but, I'm so new to even knowing it exists that I have a billion questions about it. Let me sponge off your knowledge base!
Alrighty~ I'll put you down as tentative #2. 8D

Do you have any SPECIFIC questions about raver life? 'cuz I'm kinda a greenhorn raver myself. I do go to raves, I have an outfit, but I don't really do the lifestyle. XD; I could hook you up with my homie, whom I refer to RAVE!Riku, if he feels like it. 8D

Just so everyone knows, the party is free for all. xD So anyone who decides they want cake can just come into my room and have a piece (If any's left. xD) I also got a recipe for peppermint chocolate bars! So they might make an appearance as well as razz berry cheesecake brownies. 8D and Oreo Cheesecake cookies. Yum. (Can anyone tell I like Cheesecake yet? lol) And whatever else my friend wants to bring.
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