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Talking Matchwigs review

Ok so I ordered my wig on the 07/11/2012, and it was shipped the 07/13/2012, which is good for me. I don't know the exact date it arrived because I didn't check the post office for a while. But within 2 weeks I received it.
But, I ordered a wig with two pigtails, but received just four pigtails and no wig. I contacted them about it, and within two days they apologized and shipped it out the 08/22/2012 and received it the 09/12/2012.

Quality; I'm in love with the quality of the wig!! It's super soft, and pretty thick! Gosh I can't stop running my fingers through it. *-* The only problem is it shows on one of the pigtails where all the strands are attached to that was a bit of a pain, heh.

Shipping; The shipping was okay for me, but I'm happy it's free shipping.

Costumer service; Really good!! They're all really helpful and also very nice!! They usually answer you pretty quickly!

Wig I ordered;
Me wearing it;

So basically I HIGHLY recommend shopping from them!!!
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