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i would try the egl comm sales or the facebook page lolita sales in english. The facebook page has a lot of girls who sell brand and replica and very reasonable prices. Just know that its super easy to go broke so just try not to fall in love with all the dresses ;-; but some of the best cheap shoes you can get are bodyline (you can buy them from the website also but i recommend the sale groups they are much cheaper there) and for dresses or jsk's i would suggest bodyline or one of the groups to get you started. You'll need a petticoat if you do a line dresses but they're not too hard to find on ebay or the groups. And dressy, dress shirts can look very lolita with a skirt. so dont' worry you may be able to use thngs you already own!! you can do lolita on a budget if you set your mind to it!!! good luck!!
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