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Well hello there

Cue awful introduction.

Evening! (Unless the case should stand that it's daytime in your area.)
My name's Kalina. I'm... technically new here. I've had an account since late July, but this is literally the first post I've made. I haven't even adventured the forums much in search of anything.

I'm a cosplayer from roughly the Philly area, have been involved in random cons since about 2010. Now I frequent Katsucon and Otakon.
Some cosplays I've done:
  • Nice Holystone
  • Castiel (genderbend)
  • Dave Strider
  • a Kyoshi Warrior

I'm working on a few others at the moment, but balancing it between school and work and whatnot.

I'm very bad at introductions. This seems very evident now.

Exit, stage left.
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