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Originally Posted by Demyx View Post
Yeah, the lack of cosplayers has been bothering me for a while. There were barely any actual costumes, and no offense to any other genres or anything, but I'm kind of tired of seeing more than 50% of the cosplayers wearing costumes that have nothing to do with anime or even video games like in the past. if I wanted to see other genres THAT much I'd go to a different type of convention. I mean, I'm all for wearing what you want, I actually used to enjoy seeing all the crazy stuff people would wear... I guess I'm just generally disappointed in the participation of the anime, manga, and video game fans as far as cosplaying those genres' characters. I think I saw maybe two Final Fantasy cosplayers, and the biggest anime groups I saw were the Madoka group that I know and like some Naruto cosplayers and those of us in the Bleach group, and I have a feeling the Bleach thing was partly because I've been advertising about it since like February. I just miss coming home with like 200+ photos of all the different costumes ( even if they were terribly crafted ) and being generally excited to see what people were wearing.

I also felt really out of place in an actual anime themed cosplay of a real character... it was like really, really awkward and you shouldn't feel that way at an anime convention :/
Everything you said.Exactly.

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