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Originally Posted by ~Shana~ View Post
I have a question I'm going to be ARiA Miku Hatsune if my other cosplay doesn't come in and if you've seen the PV she has floating halo's...I'll have to take those off my ankles and on my head so I can dance without worrying about them flying off. Will I get deducted a bunch of points for that? Also for a suggestion I think after the dance if there's enough time we should say why we picked the dance!
oh thats a great idea! okay! well ill put that up on the main post just PM me why you picked that dance well basicly what your going to say so i could OK it we want nothing over Pg13! and we only judge on what your wearing DURING the dance so if you dont have some items on due to it braking thats fine but it must be off BEFORE you dance! ^-^
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