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Currently, this is how my cosplay lineup looks like:
  • Genderbend Shirakawa Kotori (Da Capo) (Day 0)
  • Kirito (SAO) (Probably Day 1)
  • Kagamine Len (maybe Senbonzakura) (Day 2?)
  • Ciel Phantomhive (Day 3?)
  • Scrooge (Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas) (Day 4)
It might change depending on when certain gatherings are (I'm hoping that the Vocaloid and Black Butler gatherings are on different days and I'm pushing for a Day 1 SAO gathering). Depending on the scheduling of the Tales of gathering, I'll be Genis Sage (ToS) during that gathering and if I can get a DOG DAYS gathering going, I'll be Shinku Izumi during that gathering.
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