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Mmk, I loved that..That was the koolest thing I've ever seen....
Ok for the critique..
The ONLY thing I found wrong was that at the last song, after the armor one says "it's the DANCE note", in that dance it looked like all 3 on the left (my left) were too close to each other. This COULD be the angle of the camera but I don't know..But in the part where the 2 in the center fall down, the blue-ish guy is right in front of Tuxedo Mask. While the other side there is not this problem. Then at the end the same person goes back in front of the Team Rocket Grunt..Again, may be the camera angle..Other then that, The only thing is some of you weren't 100% in sync, but that's extremely hard so no points deducted there ^_^

Now on to the best parts for me..
I REALLY loved the Mario, Pokemon, and Sailormoon parts..Those were awesome!!
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