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Steampunk For A Relative Noob

Okay, so I found this amazing dress on ( ) and I've always been interested in steampunk just never to the degree that a lot of people I know are. This just grabbed me and I decided I'd do a costume. So, I have a persona already set up. She's an astronomer who dabbles in alchemy as she needs to make money. I'm just at a loss to what I could do to make the costume more vivid or portray her more accurately as astronomers don't have too many gadgets you can carry around besides a telescope. Nor do they have many accessories like goggles and such, but those lend themselves to her alchemical skills. Anyway, I'm just looking for ideas. I appreciate any criticism.

- Cassandra

P.S. Steampunk to me is the combination of relative modern science and the major limitations of the Victorian era. So, it's kind of like boiled down modern science as almost all we have now was Sci-Fi to them. It's also about the creativity of science it's self. You needn't be in a lab to make discoveries. You know?
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