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@MDA: Well...I already responded on the other thread. XD

@Seifer: Yeah. I'm ready to tackle it and scared out of my wits. I'm using Ryoko-demon's tutorial for her Jesse wig as a guide. At least Rose is not AS severe, but still...bah! lol

@beni: Going to wish you lots and lots of luck!! You're going to make an awesome Terra. ^^

@Lil: Awh. Feel better!!! *sends you cookies. darth vader cookies. >.>**

@Nefer: Haha. Thanks!! I matched the nail polish just for that wig. XD

So..............CoD................yeah........... .....I've got like 9 costumes in 8 months. She's just....yeah. lol

Anyone have recommendations for other Dissidia characters for me? I feel like I'm in a funk, even with all of this work. XD
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Dear society: want us to stop dressing up skanky? Stop putting only the skanky chicks on G4 and start giving your comic women pants.
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