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I really want to start using contacts soon.. there's just too many especially red-eyed characters I want to cosplay and really need contacts for. XD (big part of the character)

Oh, and I guess I haven't told that I've been quietly upgrading my Hijikata cosplay? I've bought a new wig because, while there wasn't anything wrong with my old one, it just wasn't very flattering to my face and that bugged me. So I bought a new one, what's left is to put it in a ponytail.. I cut the bangs some few days ago.
I've also been meaning to change the kimono into an actual purple one and for the longest time I was searching high and low for a purple men's kimono with no luck (mind you, purple is a veeeery damn rare color to find on men's kimono items.. I know because I dress in kimono as one of my other hobbies) until I found something weird on eBay. lol And it turned out to be one of the best "risks" I've ever taken. <3

Also yesterday I got home early so I had several hours of being home alone to derp around in cosplays and try stuff on. I've been having an urge to try on what I had ready of my updated Hijikata cosplay for quite some time now so.. I did. Photos (there's a lot xD) can be found here in my cosplay blog:

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