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Originally Posted by Akune-chan View Post
I have been okay. Been working hard in school with stuff. @_@ Specially with cosplays~! Yeah I usually check my previous posts rather frequently. Sorry if I missed your response D: They minimized NYAF so much that I am worried for being out of place this year. :/ You are right. Its unfair, and unjust, but apparently a group of cosplayers are trying to make a convention called Liberty Con for the NYC area.

I am sure that there are going to be other anime fans there. After all, why should a name keep people from coming together? But yeah you never know. How have you been? How is moving out going for you?
Aww that's good to hear. =) And I see o n o *Pats back* Just keep hanging in there, you'll be fine, I'm sure of it! And yaaaaaaaay! How are your cosplays coming along? ^_^ And its alright! I understand you're busy too ^.^'' No worries! And I second you on that one D8 I'd hate if we have to go there and feel awkward and out of place like that ; w ; and wait, really??? ; u ;! That's great! > w <

And yeah, that is true ^.^'' You're absolutely right =) *Nods then grins* Otherwise, I've been doing okay, just happy that summer is FINALLY dwindling down and the heat is going away ; u ; my allergies have been acting up soo bad..I had to go to the hospital for it u n u I'm doing okay though now. As for might just cut it real close to NYCC D8 I just hope that I can attend it after all regardless so that we can hang out. *Frowns*
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