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Hmm. It looked okay to me. I'm not really sure what kind of award you guys were going for? That would help me suggest more. xD;

These are just the thoughts that came up in my mind. Dance skits are really tough to do, because you have to practice A LOT to make sure EVERYONE in the group is synced. I think the groups execution was decent, but they could have used more practice to make the run through look smoother. There were some parts where it looked off, like group members being late on the cues. Also there might be too many characters from different series in the skit? I would also suggest trying to add more to your skit, rather then just having it be purely a dance skit. Maybe add some action and comedy to set it apart from the other dance skits that are probably in the masquerade too. I hope this helps. x_x I've been in four masquerades myself, and my group has won four awards.

The audio for the skit was great! I really loved the bit with Tuxedo Masks cape "flying in the wind".
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