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Arrow SoCal Cosplay Picnic OCTOBER (Video Games & All cosplay welcome)
If you have FB please ADD YOURSELF TO THE PAGE so I can get a headcount.

AMCC's 8th event (I lost count) so please come and **invite your friends** if they are in the area! 8D

Where: Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley California *see bottom for EXACT location*
When: Saturday October 27th, 2012
Event start time is a little before 12Noon. End time will be around 4pm. edit* may go into the night so we can play real life SLENDER.
Theme: VIDEO GAMES but not mandatory.
There WILL be other themed cosplays AND some not in costume at all. =)
I will personally be going as Link from Zelda Twilight Princess.
Potluck: This is a mini potluck so please *try* to bring something small to share on the table or $1 so we can buy something across the street at the market.

*Entertainment: There will be small GAMES and small PRIZES.
*Photographers: There are usually at least 2 photographers at every one of these events so if you are looking to shoot or get shots done the park is really nice.
*Banned: No real weapons or too realistic weapons. Nothing illegal. This is a public place.

Be nice! People come to these events not knowing ANYONE and usually leave making new friends! If we have enough new faces we will do a brief introduction. I host many gatherings in between conventions so please check out the facebook page for other events!

If you are attending and do not have a facebook page just comment on here. =)

Directions: EXACT location of this event. Mile Square is HUGE so write this down somewhere! We will be on the WARNER and EUCLID side of the park. Specifically on WARNER. We will be BEFORE the lake so if you've past the lake you've gone too far in. We are specifically between Los Jardines West and Warner. The area we usually get is AREA #3 and it is a sheltered benched area. If we area not able to get it, however, WE WILL BE RIGHT NEXT TO IT. You will be able to see us from all of the cosplayers. It is very close to a playground. AGAIN REMEMBER THE EXACT STREETS because it is a very big place. GET THERE EARLY to avoid parking issues.

PARKING: Parking on the street is FREE. I've never had an issue with parking myself but some who get there late have lots of trouble and must wait for it to be open OR pay the parking fee inside of the park. I think it is $5. Just get there early to avoid issues.
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