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Wig Info and User Photos: Super Short

(Note: This thread is for information and reference pictures of the Super Short wig, as well as for any questions specific to the Super Short wig carried in the Wig store. General questions pertaining to ordering can usually be addressed by viewing the FAQ thread or by sending a PM to Admin or Jia Jem)

In our store: Super Short Wig

Just what it says - this wig is super, super short! The back is thickly wefted to avoid your real hair from peeking through - a problem on many cheaper brands. Designed by cosplayers for cosplayers!
No skin top - hair whirl is on wearer’s right side.

All of our wigs have versatile, chin-length bangs can be worn parted in the middle or either side to give a long, no-bang look, or trimmed shorter for a full-bang look.

If you have ordered a Super Short wig from our newest line of exclusive wigs, please share a photo of it below!

Super Short in NE04 - Gray

RD01 - Natural Copper / Fire


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