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Post Wig FAQ and Color Chart

Wigs FAQ

What are your wigs made of?

All of our wigs are made of heat-resistant fibers. The fibers are mostly hiperlon, with some chilon and henlon mixed in.

How are your colors blended? Can I match them with another wig line?

Our colors are unique to, and were created to our specifications by someone who has made color blends for some of the leading cosplay wig lines in Japan.

Most of our colors are blended using 2-4 colors. This gives our wigs a natural look up close, and they look very vivid in photos.

What colors are the inside caps?

One unique feature to our wigs is that the inside cap color matches the base color of the wig fibers. For example, our purple wigs have a purple inside cap.

Many other wig lines only use black and beige, meaning if for some reason your cap shows through the wefting, the color of the cap will show through and look odd compared to the wig. With our unique system, you'll see the same base color as the outside wig.

Here is an example of the inside of a purple wig:

What is the "fit" of the wigs like?

Our wigs are large, but not too large, and are also designed to fit securely to your head without falling off. We start with a rounded/curved top to our wig base before the fibers are sewn in, which gives a more natural fit.

The fit of a wig is a good sign of quality. Lower quality wigs are usually manufactured quickly using a "triangle" shape, leaving a lot of extra roominess or a "poofy" look to the top or in the back. This is very typical of "Halloween Store" wigs, which are made to be worn once or twice, and their cheap price reflects that. Ours contour to the natural curve of the head, costing us a bit more to manufacture but giving them a more natural feel. With good care, our wigs will last for years.

Is there a master color swatch online?

Yes - you can view our color swatch here. This also shows the unique blends we use for each of our colors.

Additionally, each item in our store shows the color swatch on its page.

Will you be making any new styles or colors?

Definitely! We already have a few new styles planned out and samples created, and we have an additional 15 color blends ready to go. We will be expanding the styles and colors shortly after the new year.


How soon will my order ship?

All brand wigs now ship within one business day. If you order by 11am Central time, your wig will usually ship out the same day.

What methods of shipping do you offer?

All wig orders to the USA are shipped via Priority Mail. You can expect to receive your wig within 2-3 business days after it ships.

Wig orders to international customers ship via First Class International Mail. You can expect to receive your wig within 5-10 business days after it ships.

I received a tracking number but it hasn't updated.

Tracking numbers typically update by the next morning, sometimes sooner. Also, we prepare many shipments on weekends which will not update until the following Monday.

If you have received a tracking number for your order, please give it a day to update in the USPS system.

I can't track my order (international)

International First Class shipments receive a customs number, and it is not always tracked. You will usually see it update once when the shipment is accepted by USPS. After that, it's up to your local post office in your country to update anything. If you are having trouble finding your shipment, please use the customs number and contact your local post office to see if they have an update on the package.

We apologize that there isn't any detailed tracking for international orders, however the tradeoff is that we can offer affordable shipping. Trackable shipping would normally cost $20 more.

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