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Juvia x Gray cosplay skit~

hello there fellow cosplayers! me and my partner want to enter a contest as juvia and gray, we did the skit, and i tried to record my part and i realized that i sounded like uh.. let's say... crap. The skit's about how the guild has new missions and gray is looking for lucy/natsu and juvia starts stalking gray and bothering him with her " underwear models" mission. And as always, she tries to confess but gray just runs off before she finishes.
Anyway, after we saw how weird i sound we thought about taking clips for the dubbed version of the anime. but they don't really clip together (some scenes that is)
Aaannd here we are, wondering what we should do, record our own voices, look for a voice actor or take clips from the anime? (And about the voice actor, anyone that'd help? xD)
Very next cosplays to do for 2012:
Lady - Devil May Cry 4 (Done)
Flaky (anime version)- Happy Tree Friends
Juvia - Fairy Tail
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