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Yesterday I went shopping to look for a headband, diamond shaped rhinestones, fabric for my Toshiya kimono, a specific brand of paint, and opaque black stockings.

I came home with enormous fist-sized pompoms, two headbands, and black knee socks. I... need to get better at shopping. Or something. None of the stores I went to had anything I needed. D: Even Joanns didn't have the fabric I was after! It's just Kona Cotton!

The pompoms are sooo cute and fluffy! I am totally making some Anthonies to carry around as Homura.

And after spending the day shopping in more or less full Homura gear, I've ascertained that the costume is pretty comfortable. I've also figured out a way to stop the collar from throttling me so I don't have to try and alter it to be larger! Which is good, because actually the collar was super well made and I'm not sure I could put it back together properly if I took it apart. o:
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