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I love the two different interpretations of red mage facing off! It's a class that always looks cool but I never want to use in any of the games. I would so make the costume though.

Started on my sprite-based Terra from FF6 ( Ignore the gold Rydia boots, I haven't bothered to make red boots yet and look silly barefoot.

For December I may be making Zemus from FF4. He is blue or purple or something. The person that will be wearing the costume sweats a lot so I don't think I can put paint/makeup on him and have it last for more than a few minutes. What else might work for getting him the right color? I thought about making a mask sort of like a Mexican wrestler but dunno how stupid that would look. Should I just get a normal mask and make him keep the hood thing up all the time so I don't have to worry about the back of his head?

Tifaia your icon pictures looks really cool. Just wanted to tell you that.
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