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Sorry for the double post, but this needed to be separate from my previous post.

I think the universe is telling me not to cosplay Faust VIII. I went to order my wig from Arda during their sale. I had to wait until my dad got home and had some time to relax, and when we went on the website, the wig I was going to get for Faust had sold out already, and they just restocked this week DX DX DX

Between this and the fact that I bought a wig for Faust before that just proved un-spikeable...It's really disheartening. Especially since I've been reading a ton of Shaman King lately to psych myself up for getting my Faust wig I know it seems silly to be this upset over an out-of-stock wig (or so my dad says) but I'm really upset.
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