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Originally Posted by Volnixshin View Post
This was brought up in a book I'm reading. The off worlder/other dimension guy wants the protagonist to wear her corset on her outside, to be more steampunk, and she's confounded by his request

I imagine in the beginning they put it on the outside to start a trend
If it's anything like reenacting (1800's on), many vistors/tourist buy really nice looking items and then wear them wrong. Chemises, corsets, pettycoats...there out wear becomes there underwear and there underwear becomes their outterwear. I guess they figure something that pretty needs to be shown off. I will admit, most of the corsets from Timeless Trends I've shown to reenactors has been described as "very French". The only thing that seems to be safe are pantalets and that probably because they have a split crotch, at least if they are accurate.
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