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Nino Swears
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No harm in trying this out I suppose.

Name: Nino (general cosplay alias)
Location: Currently New Jeresy, but I frequent the New York City Area.
Age: Eighteen.
Self-summary/Gender: Female. About as straight as a double rainbow. Frills are my guilty pleasure. I carry myself a multitude of different ways, from tomboyish to cute to sexy. I've been growing out my hair for two years now so it's passed my shoulders toward the middle of my back. Cosplay is a passion for me. I also am an avid yaoi fan, both hard and soft core. I love having my picture taken and I love dancing at raves/clubs/whatever. I've also been drawing for as long as I can remember and am currently taking courses in cartooning.
Likes: Cosplay, Crossplay, Yaoi, Drawing, Cats, Dancing/Singing, Out-going girls, Androgyny, People who embrace my dirty mind, Being a camera whore, doing fanservice.
Dislikes: Dogs, Loud pets, Children, Naruto/Bleach/Homestuck/OnePiece, Weeaboos, Ignorance, High Maintenance People, Self Esteem issues. (I've dated too many people who hate themselves and I'm tired of it. Folks, you gotta love yourself before you love somebody else.)
Personality: Out-going, Adaptive, Perverted, Romantic, Eccentric, Fun-loving
Looking for: Cosplay friends and/or a girlfriend (18-25). Men need not apply. I'm a bit of a stickler about what men I'm friends with, particularly because they always seem to get mixed signals from me, despite being openly gay. Dunno how the heck that happens. I prefer someone who enjoys having their picture taken, dancing and having fun as much as I do. I tend to be a sucker for someone who can make me laugh or blush. Extra points if you manage to smirk at me a certain way. I have no idea why, but I tend to get all blushy if you've got a good smile. I'd prefer someone who lives on the east coat, preferably closer to the North East. Or at least attends these cons regularly: Katsucon, Castle Point, AnimeNEXT, Otakon, NYCC, AUSA.
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