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So I'm looking at a long delay in making Rosa because I found out I'm pregnant. I'm only 8 weeks currently, so there's no way of knowing whether I will carry to term (generally if you're still preggo at 12 weeks, chances are things will end well) or how gigantic my belly will be by January (roughly 24 weeks) because this will be my second kiddo.

On the plus side, at least preggo Rosa is accurate to the character. I'm just going to modify the dress by doing an empire waist and moving the belt up under my bust.

I've chosen a very light ivory bridal satin with a floral pattern for the dress (you can see that there is texture here) I realize she wears true white, but I have so much pink tone to my skin that it makes me look sunburnt. The cape is a polyester 'silk' which I hope dyes/paints well. I've taken some more liberties (like I haven't already) and swapped her gloves for lace gloves and I swapped the beads(necklace) above her armor to pink/purple to stay with the color scheme. I'm also thinking of giving her the tiara(s) from her original appearance simply because I like them and there's a hint of at least the one on her forehead in some of the original art

@Celine I would go the zentai hood route if you're dead set against not doing bodypaint. You'd be surprised how well that stuff holds up when it's a) good quality and b) properly powdered and set.
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