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I went for the first time this year. I was really undecided about trying it out until about a week before, partly from the bad press it has received and partly because I have more fun at the fan-run conventions.

I decided to go Friday only, just to try it out. I found it somewhat enjoyable, but not nearly as energized as Anime North. Events organized for the love of the material, like Anime North, are much more fulfilling to me since there is a contagious buzz, broadly shared goodwill, and so much more creativity in evidence. FanExpo, on the other hand - a commercial event - felt more impersonal. Also, there were far fewer cosplayers.

I'd brought my 5-year-old with me, though, and his wide-eyed enthusiasm helped me enjoy it much more than if I'd gone alone. That he wants to go again is the only reason I will... but still just for one day.
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