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MLP cosplay idea, oppinions??

So Im an upperclassman at college and just trying to think of some easy ideas for a Halloween costume. Some of my ideas include: a simple Pikachu with my Pikachu fleece hat and make a fleece tail, a simple Korra cosplay with maybe just the hair tubes, navy blue sweat pants, brown fur boots, and light blue hoodie?

But Im kind of wanting to do a MLP costume. Instead of going for the full "pony" look, I was thinking more of a "human" look, since Ive seen several pictures of "human MLPs".

I was thinking, if Twilight Sparkle was a person, based on her talents and characteristics, she seems like she might be more of a witch than a "book worm" or "librarian" type person like Ive seen in pics. Cuz her strength is magic, and isnt that her "element" too? Also, witches are often depicted with books, and the color purple is usually incorporated somehow. And I think Twilight Sparkle has an owl right? Witches and owls go together great, (and not just saying that cuz of Harry Potter lol).

But anyway, Im kind of stuck with how I want the costume to look exactly. I was thinking a light purple skirt and top with maybe some black accent in there too for more of a witchy look. make some purple fleece ears and horn and sew them to a witch hat. Buy a Twilight Sparkle wig and maybe a tail if I can find one. And for a Cutie Mark, instead of on the hip, it could be a choker necklace?

Idk, what does anyone else think?
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