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Originally Posted by DoughnutLovins View Post
Awwww, I'm doing a shoot at the time of the gathering D8 BUt Sunday I'm cosplaying spice!Len. Hope to see some of you there.
Originally Posted by Kratos99 View Post
Well, I plan to do some form of Gakupo, but it would be on Friday. Since I have Saturday planned. =\
Well, hopefully see you on Friday or Sunday. I will be Senbonzakura Len during and after the Vocaloid panels (I will also have some bags with me since I will have switched out of another costume from earlier in the day).

Originally Posted by Sharuruka~ View Post
My friend and I gonna do Rin and Len from this PV: on Sat.
Ah, nice! I was actually considering doing that cosplay in the future.
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