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Aww that's good to hear. =) And I see o n o *Pats back* Just keep hanging in there, you'll be fine, I'm sure of it! And yaaaaaaaay! How are your cosplays coming along? ^_^ And its alright! I understand you're busy too ^.^'' No worries! And I second you on that one D8 I'd hate if we have to go there and feel awkward and out of place like that ; w ; and wait, really??? ; u ;! That's great! > w <

And yeah, that is true ^.^'' You're absolutely right =) *Nods then grins* Otherwise, I've been doing okay, just happy that summer is FINALLY dwindling down and the heat is going away ; u ; my allergies have been acting up soo bad..I had to go to the hospital for it u n u I'm doing okay though now. As for might just cut it real close to NYCC D8 I just hope that I can attend it after all regardless so that we can hang out. *Frowns*
I shall, I shall! I just ordered my Yami Marik and Orochiamru wigs from Arda-Wigs yesterday and I am so psyched that it seems that everything seems to be coming along fairly well. My cosplays are currently not done. They are just sitting there all like :'D Finish me, o Master of Disguises! But then, I'm like "noooooo, school first!" Yeah I am so happy that the weather seems to be dying down and cooling off. I might be able to wear a turtleneck without dying of dehydration. @_@

Hope to see you at the Con! It will be awesome!
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