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Okay so I bought the Blaster Silicon spray from Home Depot and I managed to detangle the wig however it still looks like a giant fuzzy ball at the end where the knot was, however I see that a new problem arises as well as the giant fuzz ball of doom.

Every time I comb the wig from bottom to top, knots reform, especially when I reach the top and comb down. Is this supposed to happen? Is there any way to keep this from happening? Or I should just not even bother to comb it and untangle it from all the way to the top?

This is what the wig looks like now after I restyled it as best as I could and managed to get it in a braid.

As you can see, where its not braided, its rather poofy.
Is there anyway to relax the poof without running into the fear that hell, I might tangle it again, and without the need to spray the crap out of it with Silicon spray? I rather not get my room all Petroleum smelling again (it still has the lingering smell from yesterday). D:

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