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This character?
If so:
Originally Posted by Noize View Post
[color="Orange"]Boots are not relevantly cheap. So it is hard to find boots for $20.00
That is gonna be extremely true..Boots like these are going to pretty much impossible to find new for under $35 or $40

Originally Posted by OtakuFrame View Post
I don't care if they are not exact or knock offs
Yea not gonna have a choice here..Even the ones on cosplay sites are half the time not even right looking..For just about anything lol They are good at that..
You should go to goodwill, St. Vincent's, Value Village, blah blah blah to find some. They can easilly be under $10 at those places if you look right..So that even gives you EXTRA money XD You can even talk them down half the time lol Done that EVERY time I go..Good luck finding ones that work ^_^
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