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Originally Posted by Hoshigiri View Post
@Kuroki: I was really looking for something anime or video game inspired, so I'm avoiding turning such a neat bottle into a simple vase.

@Bisected & PrincessKaori: I thought of a fairy too, but the opening/neck of the bottle is really small. Do you think it'd look funny if the fairy was so tiny? As I recall...weren't the fairies kinda large in relation to the bottles?

@generally everyone else: So...silly question. If I make a potion, any suggestions on what liquid or material I should use so that the thing doesn't gain mold if I just leave it on my desk?
Technically, I think most of the fairies' bulk was made up of their glow (since they're just balls of light in the 3D games). That's why I suggested using an LED.

If you want to make a potion, I'd use water with food colouring or paint and a bit of disinfectant (just to make sure nothing grows in it).
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