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My great grandmother passed away from Cancer on Thursday. And it wasn't until about an hour ago it finally hit me. I'm one of those people that so I don't miss people too much, I push memories out until I see photos, hence why I take so many. Today, my Dad made a slideshow for her funeral, and we watched it...I remembered everything. The times I spent with her, how happy and joyful she was, and how she smiled in every picture. I wish I'd appreciated her more, and her company. She was so beautiful, even in her older age. She was always happy, even after her husband killed himself, and still took care of herself and others around her. Last time I visited her, I was 13/14. We got there at about 930pm. It was me, my mother, father, uncle, and grandpa, and we all sat around and watched "Young Frankenstein", the first time I'd ever watched it. It has been one of my favorite movies since then. I'm thankful for the memories, but I wish I could've said goodbye...I have realized, we do not have as much time on this Earth as we think. Let's all be happy for what we have, instead of beging for what we don't, and cherish every memory.
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