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Originally Posted by Viveeh View Post
Thank you so much FuntomKitten and Touchmon! After this I'm going to start working on my Sweet Devil cosplay soon, hoping to have it done by December. (Why are Vocaloid songs so cool? I can't cosplay all. DX)
Yay Sweet Devil! I love that song. ^_^

Originally Posted by FuntomKitten View Post
Oh gosh. My cosplay list is basically down to Gumi vs Aoki now. I'm thinking about possibly doing Gumi first (since I have had a crapton of people tell me to) and Aoki later; also, from the point of weightloss, because it really won't matter if I have some chub as Gumi...but Aoki is supposedly a singing fairy, aka pretty small. That would probably be the best way to do things. I think. Maybe. .-. (Whyyyy cruel world, I don't WANT to only do one at a time!!)
Yesssss. More Gumi in the world! ^_^ I approve of Gumi-ness!
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