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Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
Realy good, went scuba diving lots. I had the option to do a deep driving course over there which would qualify me to go to 40 meter depths, currently only alowed to go to 18... officially. But I turned it down, I still only have 10 dives in my log book and I strugle with equalisation.
Sounds awesome! I love snorkeling but would never scuba dive. It would be too claustrophobic for me.

Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
Spending time with my dad was great. My Granparents are mental though. My Grandad cleaned his feet with a toilet brush... He dropped an icecream off his cone and picked it up off the dirty floor and put it back on... he kept losing his hearing aids and then finding them in his ears.

If my Granma goes first I don't know how he will survive.
Ah, old people. That will be all of us some day.

Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post

I got my fishies a tank decoration thingy that's like, an archway with little paths through the center they can swim through and it kinda looks like a scene from Blackreach in Skyrim and I put it in there and the fishies all just are staring at it from one side of the tank, occasionally swimming over close but never touching it.
Speaking of fishies - this made me LOL:

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