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I am having a difficult time deciding on what to cosplay as. So, do any of you guys have any suggestions?

Here's some pictures of me in wigs/cosplay:

Here's some pictures of me in real life (non cosplay):

Other facts:

I'm 5'7 and have greenish/blue eyes. I don't mind wearing wigs. Any help would be very much appreciated. >w<
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My cosplay list:
Leena/Rinon Toros from Zoids: New Century Zero
Davis from Digimon Season 2

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LouisiANIME 1,2
Mechacon 2-8
A-Kon 22, 23,24

Past Cosplays:
Roxas from KH2, Boris Airay from HnKnA, Purple/Red Link from LoZ, Dash Card from CCS, Leafeon from Pokemon,Cheshire Cat original ginjinka, Link from LOZ: Skyward Swords, Loke from Fairy Tail, Takuya from Digimon Frontier, and Leon from Star Ocean EX.
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