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I've been diligently hitting the gym to get into P4A Akihiko shape, so if all goes well, I'll have that wandering wolf style going on. Otherwise I'll just do P3 winter attire Akihiko!
Conlist 2013:
-Anime North/Anime Boston
(Dependent on my friends willingness to go on the roadtrip to C to the anada.)
-PAX East
-PAX Prime
(Also dependent on friends' abilities to go as hard as I would like.)

Costume Roster:
-Solid Snake: MGS1 V1.0--2.0 in progress
-Akihiko Sanada: Persona 3/4A
-Domon Kaashu: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
-Jerid Messa: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
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