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selling: wigs, costumes, games

[I know there's a marketplace but this is just easier for me to sell to Aussie based buyers by posting here]

hey all. I'm in need of space at home so I'm hoping to get rid of a few things. Please take a look and feel free to comment or PM for further details/pictures if needed.

Rei Ayanami wig - $20
Only tried on. Brand new condition.

Ciel Phantomhive wig - $20
Brand new, unworn with tags.

Date Masamune costume - $145
Brand new, only tried on. (sadly dont suit the character)

can fit a size 10-12

...Costume includes:
- top
- jacket
- scarf
- belt
- thigh armour
- gloves and arm armour
(not pictured) also includes
- helmet
- leg padding
- eye patch

NOTE: the armour/helmet isn't real. Its made from thick pleather.

[I dont usually like using the sellers images but my camera died when getting pics of this. I assure you though that the costume looks 100% the same as the sellers image ^^
the blue material is darker though~
Highschool of the Dead uniform - $50
Brand new. Only tried on once.
Condition: Good quality.
Size: will fit sizes 8-10

PM for more images if required.
Can include socks for extra - $5

Nintendo DS games
Buy any 2 from the first 3 list for $40.

- Naruto ninja council $25
- Naruto ninja destiny $25
- Spyro: Shadow legacy $25
- Final Fantasy IV $35

I accept payment via bank transfer only.
Can ship all over Australia.
Some prices are negotiable but please be reasonable. Cheers (:

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