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Covering a Tattoo?

So, I'm in the planning phase with my next batch of costumes, and a possible problem has just occurred to me. I'm planning out Carmelita Fox, which should be a pretty easy costume:

However, I have a tattoo on the right side of my ribcage, placed perfectly to half-show past her top. I could just run with it and hope the jacket conceals it mostly, but I'd prefer to try to cover it up if anyone had a bright idea on that count. It's small, no bigger than my palm, so normally I'd just go for makeup, but unfortunately it looks like it's going to be crossed by the lower hem of the top, and that rubbing would probably ruin any makeup and just get my cosplay covered in it. =) Do you guys have any other ideas for how I could cover it up? Or should I just leave it alone and let Carmelita have half a pawprint tattoo?
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